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Catalogue quạt thông gió Breeze 2021 Version

Breeze Industrial Ventilation Joint Stock Company is a manufacture/assembly who focus on the R&D, produce and sales for the industrial and commercial ventilator. Our products be used in ventilation system (Supply and Exhaust) of Building, Air-conditioning, Firefighting, Commercial & Industrial (HVAC) System.

We have product ranges include completed fans and accessories fans. The fans include Long Cased Axial Flow Fan, Car Park Jet Fan, Rooftop Axial Fan, Bifurcated Axial Fan, Plate Mounted Axial Fan, Explosion-proof Propeller Wall Fan, Forward-curve & Backward-curve Centrifugal Fan, Cabinet Centrifugal Fan, Explosion-proof Fans & Motor, Plate Mounted Wall Fan, Inline Centrifugal Fan, Silent Inline Fan, Mixed Flow Inline Fan, Ceiling Exhaust Fan, Wall Exhaust Fan… The accessories include Forward-curve & Backward-curve Centrifugal Wheels, Axial Impellers, Blades and Hud, Silencer, Spring Isolators….. We aren’t only manufacture products for standard item bulk quantity, but also we provide project solution and fan type selection, Custom, Semi-custom and OEM also our advantages.

Our engineers who with more experience and trained direction from representative in Asian Pacific Region of London Fan in Singapore, with the help of the advanced processing equipment Laser Cuttings machine, CNC Lathers & Bending machine, Rolling machine, Dynamic Balance machine… and experience workers, they ensure the fans with high quality. And the fans be tested by airway system so their technical parameters are truth and reliable.

We, Breeze Industrial Ventilation Joint Stock Company will be your honest and reliable partners.

Thank you very much for kind cooperation.

Yours Faithfully.

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