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HVAC Design Manual 1st Edition (15.Mar.2009)

Quyển sách này do một tác giả nhiều năm đóng góp cho các ấn phẩm của ASHRAE thực hiện.​
Sách ngắn gọn, không đi sâu vào các kiến thức, mà thiên về các bước thao tác thực tế. Có bản vẽ minh họa.​
Đọc rất dễ hiểu. Tôi nghĩ sẽ giúp ích nhiều cho những thiết kế viên ngành ĐHKK mới vào nghề.​
A mechanical designer's guide to successful design of smal commercial and institutional HVAC System​
By Fred W. Dougherty, P.E., BAE, MME


This book is the distillation of 30 year's experience with HVAC design and construction, as a designer, as a supervisor, as an agency planner and reviewer, and finally, again, as a free lance HVAC designer of small commercial and institutional projects. My HVAC experience followed twenty years in the aerospace industry developing and testing military gas turbines and rocket engines.

The procedures and principles described here will be of value to technicians and graduate engineers with a firm background in thermodynamics and fluid flow - the bedrock fundamentals of HVAC processes. It is for engineers and technicians who are just entering the HVAC design field as members of a consulting engineering firm, or who wish to work independently for local architects and owners designing HVAC systems for small offices, mercantile establishments, churches, and restaurants. The principles and procedures outlined apply to any size job, but specific "how to" instructions are for small projects of limited scope.

In most jurisdictions, a licensed professional engineer must sign and seal plans for submittal to a local building plans reviewer. However, in many engineering firms, much of the actual design work is performed by talented technicians or intern engineers under the supervision of a professional engineer.

This book will also be of interest to licensed HVAC contractors who specialize in small commercial and institutional buildings, and who wish to understand the principles of the designs they contract to implement. In some jurisdictions, such as the State of Florida, licensed mechanical contractors are permitted to perform the design of HVAC systems that fall below specific thresholds of building occupancy and system size and cost. This book will be of use to contractors who wish to take advantage of that provision.

Applying the principles and methods outlined will help the designer avoid the problems that plague many projects with small budgets and unsophisticated owners. The most common of these are moisture and mildew problems exacerbated by code requirements or high density occupancy. On the other hand, these principles will also help control the costs both of design and construction, by guiding the designer to the most cost effective solution commensurate with local codes, indoor air quality, and reasonable energy efficiency.

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